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The 'Oxford Muslim Pupils' Empowerment Programme (OMPEP)' was developed by Imam Monawar Hussain at Eton College, Windsor.  It was successfully implemented at Cheney School, Oxford, and highlighted nationally by the Department of Communities, Schools and Families (DCSF) in 2009.  OMPEP can be downloaded in pdf format.  In support of the programme here are some testimonials:


“I believe that what we have achieved at Cheney has been really ground-breaking. It has raised awareness of the lives that we lead, issues that our students tackle on a daily basis, and furthered understanding between different ethnic groups and cultures. It has acted as a catalyst for debate. It hasn’t, in my opinion, been controversial, and it has been a really positive experience for all those involved.”

Phil Waters, Assistant Head,  Cheney School, Oxford

“I have no doubt that, as a vital part of the effort to tear away the barriers of misunderstanding which exist between the faith communities in the UK, the work being done by Imam Monawar Hussain, within and beyond the Muslim community, is of major importance. He has my full support in the development of the Oxford Muslim Pupils’ Empowerment Programme which is a pioneering educational endeavour with the potential to enrich the whole of our society.”

Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Co-Founder,  Three Faiths Forum 

“I have read this thoroughly and I consider it a positive, balanced, honest and transparent presentation of Islamic teachings. ....I wish it may be widely published so that it could benefit a large section of those who are keen in understanding a Muslims beliefs and way of life.”

Mawlana Shahid Raza OBE,  Muslim Law Shariah Council UK 

“This programme is very good and it is going to be very useful in making pupils aware of the teachings of Islam and will clear a number of questions which are commonly asked about Islam and its teachings. The arguments of Jihadists for launching war against non-Muslims cannot get support from the basic sources of Islam - the Qur'an and Sunnah. They are misinterpreting the text. ...this programme is very good and it is going to be beneficial to the young pupils in the schools. I wish you all the success for it.”

Professor A. A. Hamid, Principal,  Muslim College, London 

“Imam Monawar Hussain's toolkit for schools is enlightening, encouraging, informative, and easy to use. What I love about it particularly is that it is designed both to impart information and to improve understanding and relationships, and, as far as I can see, it succeeds in doing just that.”

Baroness Julia Neuberger

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