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The Oxford Foundation (TOF) has always been passionate about the power of mentoring.  Mentoring has the potential to transform the lives of our young people, it inspires them to greater aspiration, achievement, confidence and self esteem.  We believe that no person is a failure and our work is dedicated to nurturing the qualities in young people that will help them realise their fullest potential.  TOF has developed a unique 1-2-1 mentoring programme for young Muslims that has proven to be hugely successful.  This targets young vulnerable Muslims disengaged with education.  Please contact us for further information.  

MOSAIC/TOF Graduation Ceremony at Oxford Spires Academy, Oxford





A very special thanks to the Sandra Charitable Trust for their support.








“Since Monawar became a part of the life of Broadway school we have ticked more boxes than an Ofsted Inspector could ever imagine, but the boxes we tick every day each represent another young life enriched. The Oxford Foundation has not only raised the aspirations of our pupils with the endless stream of positive role models paraded by Mosaic, it has, with the emphasis on interfaith work and volunteering done more than we could possibly have hoped for to build community cohesion among our school community and beyond. With the links Monawar has forged between our school and Atlantic College we are now truly living up to our school motto "Our children believe it can be done".

Joseph Cahill, Chair of Governors, Broadway School, Birmingham


“I feel these sessions have been a great help to the year 11 students. They seem to really listen to your advice. I no longer receive any incident reports for these students and I feel the sessions have contributed to their progress with their attitude and behaviour. I (and they) would very much like it to continue. Please let me know when you’re available to come in again and I will arrange.”

Jamie Butler, Head of Year 11, Oxford Spires Academy,  Oxford​

Would you like to volunteer as a mentor or speak at a school assembly to share your story of success and how you've achieved it, in Oxford or beyond?  Or would you like to establish a mentoring programme in your area?  We would be delighted to hear from highly motivated and well organised individuals passionate about making a difference to the lives of our young people.    Either way, if you wish to volunteer as a mentor, speak at an assembly or lead a mentoring programme please do contact us, enclosing a CV and the specific school or area that you would be interested in establishing a programme or volunteering as mentor.
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